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Professional Learning Group

The Taakaro Ora Professional Learning Group (PLG) is the working group of teachers within Te Pae Here Kaahui Ako formed to explore the HPE curriculum and philosophy of hauora, to share knowledge and resources, and take learnings back to their schools.

Specific teachers have volunteered or been appointed by their school to be part of the PLG, but all Te Pae Here teachers are welcome to join the Taakaro Ora Facebook group, the digital platform for the PLG to share and connect outside of face-to-face meetings.

Toru Teacher Tracking

The Taakaro Ora Toru Teacher Tracking (TTT) is a regular tracking of progress and impact made by the Taakaro Ora team. The plan is to track three teachers from each participating Te Pae Here school throughout the duration of the pilot.

By following three teachers with different levels of knowledge, confidence and expertise, Taakaro Ora will be able to measure regular progress on the success of initiatives, receive feedback/feed forward and act on it, and ensure that schools’ individualised Action Plans are meeting the expectations and priorities of each school.

Through regular interaction with these teachers, the Taakaro Ora team will be able to measure how effectively they (Taakaro Ora) are providing the support that is required to each teacher in each school.